Health and Wellness Between October and December

Health and Wellness Between October and December

There's a little window between Canadian Thanksgiving and the holiday season, where I take the opportunity to invest in my wellness. This year, I have taken a mind, body, skin, and simplicity approach. For the first time, I have started using a variety of wellness apps, gotten serious about my skin care using skoah's membership program, and lastly, started my day with a much better meal than my usual leftover kid's breakfast scraps. 

Let me start with breakfast, and not skipping meals. About 1 year ago my good friend and fellow entrepreneur Deanna Embury started buzzing about her new idea. Nutritionally balanced and superfood boosted frozen smoothie blends that are delivered to your door. You blend the packs at home, or let soften and eat with a spoon straight from the pack (think instant smoothie bowl ready to eat anytime, anywhere.)  I didn't know what to tell her, as I am not a smoothie person. She persisted, and sent me some prototypes to test, and asked me to have a  smoothie a day for a week. I was hooked! It wasn’t just about the taste, it was about how they made me feel. I needed less coffee, I felt full until noon, and maybe it's my imagination, but I noticed when I weight trained, I started to build tiny muscles a little more easily than I had in the past. Her company, Blended For You, introduced a couple of cleanses and I decided to try to the 7-Day Cleanse and Reset.

For 7 days, I incorporate 2 smoothies, and followed the food recommendations and recipes for my other meals. For myself, this isn't about weight loss, it's about how I feel, and how my brain functions. I noticed a massive difference. While I still enjoy my wine and coffee, doing this every once in while gets me back on track. 

Deanna has generously agreed to offer skoah customers 30% off their package. And skoah members will in addition, receive 5 extra smoothies (let Blended know you are a skoah member). More info below! I recommend the Greens D-Tox. My absolute favourite, but it has a kick to it! 

Next up is my morning routine. I have always been an early riser. Usually between 530 an 630. In the past, I drank my coffee, and mindlessly read the news and my social channel feeds. About 3 months ago, I downloaded the Calm app. It is a 10 minute daily meditation. I have found that somehow, the messages seem to be exactly what I need on that particular day. I have 4 kids under 11, and we often do the daily meditation together. I've noticed an incredible change in my kids on these days. And in the evenings, there are sleep stories. My kids LOVE them!

I have also started using the 5 minute Journal. It's excellent. It takes literally 5 minutes, and helps focus the day, and set daily affirmations. The first part is about gratitude, and these have been critical reminders to me. This past year has been full of ups and downs, and the gratitude piece has helped me stay focused on the beauty of life. 

Finally, I have gotten serious about my membership. I know it may seem odd that I haven't always had monthly facials, but life got carried away. I recently renewed my membership, and set monthly reminders to book. My skin has once again transformed, and even though I develop our products, I still learn a new tip or trick or combination from our Skin Care Trainers. And like anything in life, their outside perspective to my skin's health and appearance has created some marked improvements. I am in love with our new enzyme mask, and have fallen back in love with our charcoal mask. 

So use this window before the buzz of the holidays takes hold, and we double down on shortbread for breakfast, and fall asleep with our makeup on. 

Happy In Between Seasons! 


- Andrea Scott


Skoah is teaming up with Blended For You to help you re-set your diet and start clean eating.  Order the Blended 7-Day Cleanse & Reset Plan by November 15th, 2018 and receive 30% off.

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About the 7-Day Cleanse & Reset Plan:
We all have health goals to hit. That might mean that we're starting a clean-eating diet for the first time, kick-starting weight-loss, or need a reset to get back on track with healthy eating. The 7-day program helps create awareness about how much and which types of food you are eating. The smoothies in this program energize your body with nutrient dense foods to support toxin removal, immunity, and rejuvenation. Check out the program here:

Skoah Member Bonus: if you’re currently a skoah member, Blended is including 5 extra smoothies in your package to help you stay on track after your clean eating week.

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