Hydration 101

Hydrated skin protects our bodies from UV radiation, microorganisms and toxic agents as it remains flexible and allows our protective barrier to remain intact. Additionally, hydrated skin fights and flushes out toxins more effectively because cells are getting the maximum amount of hydration that they really need to function at their best.

So...what can you do?

  1. Drink an adequate amount of water each and every day. Your skin is your largest organ – what you eat and drink can affect it.
  2. In the summer months, we need to work a little harder to keep our bodies and skin hydrated as we are more active and sweat more often
  3. Keep in mind, that your in is the last organ to receive any water internally, you still need an additional boost of hydration by using something topical.

How much water should you drink?

Different body size requires different volumes of water.

A good rule is:

Are you dry, or are you dehydrated?

  • Dry
    • While hydration is what makes our skin soft, it won’t stay that way if there is no oil protecting that hydration from evaporating and abandoning skin, leaving it dry & flaky
    • Dry skin that is hydrated but not moisturized will still have a rough texture
  • Dehydrated
    • Oil on top of dehydrated skin may smooth it, but it will lack the hydration that makes it feel soft & elastic
    • Dehydrated skin that is moisturized without receiving the amount of hydration it need will still nook dull and feel uncomfortably tight

Other ways to keep your skin hydrated:

  1. Eat foods rich in essential fatty acids. Foods like salmon, olive oil, walnuts and pumpkin seeds can help keep our skin healthy and rejuvenated by improving skin’s hydration levels.
  2. Use warm water for bathing and showering. Hot water could be robbing your skin of the moisture it needs to be healthy and soft.
  3. Turn down the air conditioning.  This one’s tough in the summer heat- but the air conditioner is stealing moisture from your skin and leave it dry, itchy and irritated. Optimate humidity levels that promote healthy skin are between 30-50%.

Check out skoah’s 4 hydration saviours!

  1. tonik - A spritz of tonik after cleansing = hello hydration! It's refreshing and pH balancing with hyaluronic acid and cucumbers
  2. +hyaluronic acid concentrate - A hydration boost for all products! A couple pumps of hyaluronic acid into any serum, mask or moisturizer will ensure your skin is radiating and glowing!
  3. skin boost serum - Here comes some deep hydration! This serum will ensure your skin maintains it’s hydration long term. Use morning and night before your moisturizer for best results!
  4. hydradew mask - The ultimate skin hydrator – like a jug of water for your skin. Glycosaminoglycans are 10x more hydrating that aloe vera and ensure your skin is well hydrated, lump and glowing.