love what you do

For us, there's nothing better than hearing how we've changed someone's skin, someone's mood, or their day for the better. It's why we do what we do. Which is why when Alexis, a skoah Oakville kustomer sent us this email, our hearts swelled, and we had to share. What better time, than during a month where we are asking ourselves and others to give love!  
Skoah has literally changed my life. I came to you all after having what I didn’t even recognize as a terrible experience at my previous esthetician. I was constantly pressured into buying products and booking more appointments than my skin was ready to handle - she required that I go in every two weeks. I went through the most brutal extractions, literally dreaded going for my facials because I knew how painful it would be and how bright red and damaged my skin would look after my appointment. I went through this for 6 months because I believed that she did have good intentions and that my skin would eventually stop breaking out and my pores would stop clogging up with the use of her go-to product and the regular appointments. While I do believe that the product line she has chosen is actually a really spectacular skin product available on the market, I could never justify using the proper amount in my daily routines because I was always rationing my product in hopes of saving money. To give you a true idea of the stress my appointments were causing me, just know that I was spending up to $320 and NO less than $140 PER appointment (every two weeks).
I have been with Skoah for 8 months and my skin has not felt or looked this good since before I started having issues with clogged pores and breakouts about 3 years ago. I look forward to my appointment every single month and I can’t wait to use my products every morning and every night, it’s how I feel like I’ve started my day and it’s my favourite way to end it. I no longer come even close to feeling stressed about my appointments - it’s the complete opposite. I feel like it’s a little treat I give to myself every month and I could not be more happy with Skoah as a company.
Special shout out to Djuna, my regular skin trainer. She is so pleasant and so great to work with. Djuna makes me feel like I am her only regular client, from remembering what trips I’ve been on to knowing which products I have at home. My facial massages are sometimes so relaxing and skilled that I find myself completely entranced. Sometimes I think I trail off of our conversation, but Djuna doesn’t miss a beat. If I go quiet, she focuses in even more on my skin workout and I appreciate it so much. She is a wonderful asset to your team and I’m so glad to have her as my trainer, it’s been a breath of fresh air since the torture I used to go through.
Skoah has really figured it out. The cozy down blankets, the modern relaxed music (as opposed to your stereotypical spa music), the approachable price points, and the amazing product line is really reinventing the wheel for what the standards of facial and skin care are.
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and that your first year in Oakville has been as amazing for you as it has been for all of your clients. I rant about my facials every chance I get!
Thank you for the changes you’ve made to my skin and the confidence you’ve helped me to regain when I look in the mirror! :)
Most Sincerely,