Masks are a single focused treatment designed to treat a specific condition, and we have 5 awesome masks that do just that. hydradew for ultimate hydration, charcoal to brighten and detoxify, moisture induce to nourish and moisturize, kalm down to relieve redness and irritation and klearity to blast blemishes!

There are many benefits of using a mask, including:

  • Giving your skin a boost of whatever it needs
  • Concentrated result-driven products with active ingredients.
  • Can be used to moisturize, detoxify, increase circulation and replenish nutrients.
  • Choosing the best mask for your skin will give your skin a boost of targeted active ingredients to bring back the glow!

      Multi-masking - what is it?

      It’s using more than one type of face mask on your skin at the same time!

      Why multi-mask? It’s a great way to target different concerns for different areas of your face. i.e. An oily t-zone and dry cheeks. The same mask may not be beneficial for both zones, and could potentially irritate the other zone more.

      Here are some awesome combos to start off – get creative and kustomize away!

      1. klearity & kalm down for irritated, dry and congested skin
      2. moisture induce & hydradew for extremely dehydrated skin
      3. charcoal & klearity mask for a deep cleanse and blemish blast
      4. moisture induce & kalm down for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin
      5. klearity & hydradew for a congested and dehydrated skin (for those whose skin feels tight after just klearity mask on it’s own)