product spotlight: double time facial kleanser

Last month our members got a sneak peek of our newest kleanser, the double time facial kleanser! The double time is a gentle, yet effective kleanser that contains highly refined olive oil, vitamin E, plant extracts and a makeup removing ester.

Like skoah’s other kleanser, the double time is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) free, which is a soap agent typically used in cleansers and gives it’s bubbly and foamy property.  The double time facial kleanser will leave your skin feeling clean and rid of makeup without any tightness or overly dryness. This is a key factor in ensuring your skin stays balanced. If your skin is over stripped, you can start to produce more oils and in turn this can lead to blemishes. 

The best way to use it is by massaging a couple of pumps using dry hands, onto a dry face. Make sure to work the product into smaller areas such as around your nose, and the corners of your mouth. Using a warm washcloth, remove the product from your face. The addition of the water will lift the oil from the cleanser along with any makeup and residue on your skin.

Willow Park Member Barb M shared the following after trying out the new kleanser:

I’ve been struggling for about the last year with breakouts, overproduction of oil and dehydration.  After receiving a Member’s gift of the new cleanser at my last appointment, my face has cleared up so much!  Before, I wanted to use a gentle cleanser but had trouble removing makeup with it. If I used a stronger cleanser, it dried out my skin but also made it produce too much oil.  

I really like that all the makeup is gone – not even a trace shows up on the cotton ball when I use tonik afterwards, but my skin still feels soft and clean.  I also like that my skin doesn’t feel tight after, but also doesn’t feel like there’s any residual product left on (like some heavier cleansers that feel like you’ve already got moisturizer on after cleansing).  I’ll definitely be adding this to my regular skin care plan!

This kleanser is a perfect choice leading up to fall and winter, ensuring your skin is nourished and clean, in the colder, harsher and darker lipstick seasons.