serum 101

You know that delicious secret sauce you taste when you bite into a yummy burger? You don't know what it is but you know it's good and taking your burger to a whole new level! Serums are actually pretty similar. A few little amazing ingredients make a big difference.

What does a serum do? One great thing all serums do is hydrate your skin, because no one wants a dry burger right? The next best part is that they can treat certain conditions such as anti-aging, hyper-pigmentation, redness, or dryness. As you can see, serums can be customized into your routine to tackle any skin care goals.

But how do they work? How is this different from a moisturizer I use or a mask? The magic of serums is that they penetrate deeper into the skin because their molecular structure is smaller, getting to a layer where they can really work their magic. This is something your regular moisturizer or mask can't do. Incorporating a serum into your routine lets you step up your skin care game!

Okay so how do you use a serum? We've already established that serums are one of the most beneficial things you can add to your routine. It's actually extremely easy to use too! Follow these quick and easy steps.

serum how to

Serums are great for any skin type. Often people pair serums with aging skin because many of them do have anti-aging effects, but serums are actually a great potion for anyone including those in their early-mid 20s looking for that little extra glow! They're super lightweight, almost always have some type of anti-aging active ingredient (prevention can start as early as your mid 20s), absorb quickly and will slowly change functions in your skin.

Incorporate a serum into your routine today, and get that glow!