Time to Embrace our Indulgences

Time to Embrace our Indulgences

Okay okay, how are we all doing? January is a natural time to hit our reset button and embrace some of the areas of our lives that we may have gotten off track. These may be related to what we eat, how often we move, and how many times we swipe our credit card. But, forming new habits take time, and habits are really how we create change in our lives.

So why are we celebrating Indulgence, a mere month after setting great habits. Well, because indulging, when we need to, is critical to keeping great habits going. Sticking to a consistent exercise routine is important, but so is listening to when our bodies need rest and recuperation. Eating healthy is important to our long term health, but if we don't enjoy what our soul craves at times, then we will feel our regular habits of eating are imprisoning us. And we make money to spend money. Sure, great habits help us achieve long term goals, but enjoying our hard work helps keep us motivated!

So below we share some of the ways we indulge. How do you indulge?

  • Use real cream in my coffee once in awhile. 
  • Lock the door and take a long bath without interruption. 
  • Binge watch the whole season instead of restricting your access to your favourite shows! 
  • Skip work and take a hike. 
  • Take a mental health day when it is needed. 
  • Order the chocolate cake. 
  • Buy the nice bottle of wine once in awhile. It makes you appreciate craftspersonship. 
  • Book the weekend away. 
  • Extend your holiday while on holiday and watch the world continue to turn in your absence! 
  • Make jello! 
  • Turn your computer off and watch your fave mindless show! 
  • Buy the dress! 
  • Get a manicure. 
  • Get a skoah membership!

Send us your indulgences!!! Finding the balance between habits and indulgence is the key to life!