glow tonik

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This toner exfoliates your skin quickly and easily. Contains glycolic acid, malic acid, hyaluronic acid and plant extracts.

how to

On clean skin, with a cotton pad, swipe over your face and neck. Can also be sprayed directly on the skin. Used 2-3 times each week. Apply your favourite serum and/or moisturizer after.

good for

  • aging

  • blemishes

  • dryness

  • oiliness

  • pores


  • exfoliating

  • refreshing

  • nourishing

key ingredients

alpha hydroxy acids - aha

A water-soluble ingredient that is derived from apples and grapes. It works to gently exfoliate and peel the surface of your skin to generate new skin cells.

malic acid

A natural ingredient derived from apples that is used to gently exfoliate your skin.

hyaluronic acid

A powerful humectant that is derived from cucumbers. It keeps your skin hydrated by binding to water to give it a fresh and dewy effect.

works well with

glow even more by combining with our copper peptide concentrate and skin boost serum

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Glow baby glow!

The name says it all. The glow tonik leaves my skin feeling refreshed and it smells so good too! The glow tonik is gentle and doesn't sting with applied.

Sherry J.
Glow tonic

Love love love this product


I really like the refreshing feel of the exfoliating toner, after cleansing and before moisturizing. It also works well to prep the skin after cleansing for the application of the aha mask - leaving the skin tightened and toned. It's a must have for my skin regiment!

Laura L.
Easy peasy glow

This is the easiest way to tone and exfoliate in one step. I love how gentle yet effective the glow tonik is. Try it on days you know you'll be getting your photo taken — Your skin will look amazing!

So Refreshing

This is one of my favourite toners that I've used. I had them use it at my first facial and fell in love with it. Its so refreshing, and doesn't sting like a lot of exfoliating toners can. Its a staple in my skincare routine!