membership payments redeemable for facials. no additional fees. unused balance stays in your member account.



*Not transferable. Monthly membership cancellable immediately, anytime after 3rd payment.




Become a member today and enjoy the best pricing and 10% off any skoah products (in shop and online).


Why the 3 month commitment period?

We want to ensure you have enough time to see and feel the difference in your skin.

What if I miss a monthly facial?

Your unused balance rolls over each month, so it can be easily used in the following months.

What if I'm not ready for monthly facials?

Our Yearly membership allows you to come in 8 times a year, while you enjoy all member benefits. 

What if I need a break?

Once your commitment period has ended, you can freeze your monthly membership for up to 3 months every 12 months.

What if I can't continue my membership?

Any unused balance can be used on facials at non-member pricing.