personal training for your skin

Our facials are not a guilty pleasure, sporadic indulgence or ‘beauty treatment’. Just like your body, your skin needs regular workouts to stay healthy and look its best.

the skoah experience

our beginnings

skoah began in 2001 in Vancouver's Yaletown district as a full-service spa with a fresh attitude and atmosphere. The experience was created to be approachable and unintiminidating. skoah’s first tag line was ‘no whale music, no bubbling cherubs, no pretentious attitude.’ skoah quickly built a reputation as the best place to get a facial. Our estheticians loved the opportunity to connect and build long term relationships with facial guests.

developed in the treatment room

not the boardroom

In 2003, the ‘facials only’ facial shop was born. That same year skoah hired a chemist and launched our skin care product line with 5 proprietary products. The unique combination of personalized facial treatments, expert skin care trainers, and simply powerful skin care products created a distinctive customer skin care experience dubbed "personal training for your skin."

a glow just for you

a skincare routine that works for everyone

skoah has become a place for you to experience the delicate hands of an expert skin care trainer, to learn about your unique skin needs and how to take care of it. With our membership program, you are committing to happier, healthier skin with regular product use and a customizable facial schedule that fits into your lifestyle.